The Book

Wollstonecraft_Shelley_Grave_1Mary Shelley is dead.
Or so she assumes.
When the author of ‘Frankenstein’ finds herself haunting her own grave in an abandoned graveyard near the sea, she reluctantly accepts the challenge of reviewing her tumultuous life, including her bittersweet love of her husband, the poet Percy Shelley, and the many losses that fueled her furious drive to create something lasting and eternal.
As she wanders the graveyard, making casual friends with names on the surrounding tombstones, the story of her life begins to reveal strong, unexpected connections to the tale of the Creature, her greatest and most personal creation, from her notorious novel ‘Frankenstein,’ written while she was an unmarried teenage mother.
Eventually, as the two stories further intertwine—and Mary recalls the back-stories she conceived but never wrote about the Creature’s various limbs and organs—she discovers the courage to face her most painful memories, ultimately revealing a few stunning secrets, and perhaps making one or two terrifying discoveries along the way.

An deeply moving, often funny, sometimes frightening novella by David Templeton, ‘Mary Shelley’s Body’ will be published this October in the anthology ‘Eternal Frankenstein,’ by Word Horde Books.