Plays by David Templeton

Description: When the Egyptian Lord of the Dead drunkenly crashes the annual camping trip of four middle-aged neo-pagan heavy metal fans, will the result be this creaky band-of-brothers’ best male bonding weekend ever? Or its last? It’s a long night of the soul—hot dogs optional.
(5 males, 1 Female)
(First performance planned for June 2019, Left Edge Theater)

Description: Mary Shelley “awakens” in a graveyard to discover she has died. “That took long enough,” she says. Over the course of one long stormy night, she muses about her tumultuous past, confronts memories of her most famous literary character, and searches for clues in the life story as to how she might undo her one greatest mistake.
(1 female)
(First produced October 2017 – Main Stage West, Sebastopol, CA; Directed by Elizabeth Craven, performed by Sheri Lee Miller)

Description: A holiday story of Fatherhood, Funerals, and Santa Claus
(1 male)
(First produced December 2015 – Main Stage West, Sebastopol, CA; Directed by Sheri Lee Miller, performed by David Templeton)

Description: A charmingly odd comedy about love, friendship, and other role-playing games.
(1 male, 1 female)
(First production March 2012 – Main Stage West, Sebastopol, CA; Directed by Sheri Lee Miller, performed by Liz Jahren, David Templeton)

Description: The outrageous true story of a former teenage fundamentalist, and how he was saved from being saved.
(1 male)

(First Production July 2009 – The Glaser Center, Santa Rosa, CA; Directed by David Yen, performed by David Templeton)