About ‘Mary Shelley’s Body’

PHOTO - mary shelley paintingMary Shelley’s Body is the nameĀ under which a number of projects – including this website – now fall. In October of 2016, Word Horde Books, of Petaluma California, published an anthology of stories titled ‘Eternal Frankenstein.’ Among those stories was David Templeton’s’Mary Shelley’s Body,’ a novella-length bit of fictional romantic horror.

Over the following year, the author adapted the novella into a stage play, which had its world premiere at Main Stage West theater in Sebastopol, in October of 2017.

This website was created as a hub for information about all projects related to ‘Mary Shelley’s Body,’ along with random essays, poems, thoughts, ponderings and historical revelations about Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Percy Shelly, and the entire Byron Circle.

For information on the book ‘Eternal Frankenstein,’ please visit Word Horde Books.